Bond will be back after Skyfall in the year...

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There are certain things in this world which we can thank the gods are around on a regular basis. Things like rain, air, and hot chocolate. And James Bond movies. 

As constant a fixture in cinema these days as the North Star is in the sky, it always makes me grin to know that when the credits roll on a Bond film I can already look forward to another one in a few years time.

Of course it's no surprise that Bond's next adventure, his 24th, is already penciled in for some time in 2014.  And that's precisely why Bond is so great - his presence extends beyond the actor playing him, always being enhance perhaps by the actor but never overshadowed.  So I speak of "Bond's next adventure" as though he is a real person, in the same way that I might say "Bruce Springsteen's next concert will be in LA tonight." Because Bond is a real person to me.  He's so much more than a legendary fiction.  He's a human being, and I'll be there to root for him every time.

Continuing of course with SKYFALL, due out November 9th.

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Extra Tidbit: Favorite person you wish had been given the chance to play Bond?
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