Update: Breaking Bad movie will reportedly be a sequel centered on Jesse

UPDATE: /Film was able to confirm that the BREAKING BAD movie will be a sequel that takes place after the events of the series finale, centering on Jesse Pinkman with Aaron Paul set to reprise his role. Paul won three Emmys for Best Supporting Actor for his work as Pinkman across the series. The rest of this update contains SPOILERS for BREAKING BAD, so if you have somehow been able to silence everyone telling you to watch this show for the past five years, best turn away. 

In the final few episodes of BREAKING BAD, Pinkman, a young man who has experienced nothing but heartache and pain since getting into the meth-cooking business with Walter White (Bryan Cranston), had been taken captive by neo-Nazi thugs and forced to cook the Blue Sky meth until the end of his days. White, in a desperate act to try and set some things right, saves Jesse and gives him the opportunity to get in a car, blast through the gates to the compound and drive into the unknown a free man. Should /Film's confirmation prove true, the movie would pick where this left off as Jesse tries to start anew. 


Orignal story:

In 2013 millions of viewers gathered around to watch the stories of Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) come to a dramatic and intense finale in the final episode of BREAKING BAD. That was hardly the end of our time in this universe, as the show BETTER CALL SAUL is still going strong and now news has broken that series creator Vince Gilligan is working on a BREAKING BAD movie that is set to begin production this month.

The news comes from a report in The Albuquerque Journal that confirmed with the New Mexico Film Office that a movie going under the name “Greenbrier” was set to begin production, with sources later confirming this project was indeed a BREAKING BAD movie. Word is Gilligan has written and may possibly direct the movie, which is set to be in production in Albuquerque from November-February.

Details are very sparse on the project at the moment, including on if it will feature Cranston, Paul, Bob Odenkirk, if it will even tie directly into the main series or SAUL, or if it will air on AMC or make its way to theaters. As well, there's no word on if this will be some sort of prequel story or would take place after events of the final episode of BAD. The logline for the movie, as reported in the Journal, states the film is about “the escape of a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom.” That’s hardly an official plot synopsis but does give an idea as to where Gilligan may be taking the project. 

The creation of the project comes after Gilligan signed a three-year deal with Sony Pictures Television this summer, and chances are the notion of a movie was thrown about in making that deal. BREAKING BAD and BETTER CALL SAUL executive producers Mark Johnson and Melissa Bernstein will be returning for the project.

Should all of this be officially confirmed by those involved, it just goes to show you how invested Sony is in the BREAKING BAD series. They've already renewed SAUL for a fifth season, and even five years after it ended people still cite BAD as one of the greatest shows of all time, episodes of which are perpetually being viewed over and over again on Netflix. A movie would act a quick, new entry in the series where there may not be room for another TV show and could focus on series-favorite characters. Maybe that "kidnapped man" the logline refers to could be Pinkman, taken hostage once again after escaping at the end of the final episode of BAD. At this point this project could be about anything, so stick around for more updates as they come. 



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