Breaking Dawn Part 2 releases eleven promo images that redefine smoldering intensity

Breaking Dawn Part w 656 banner

There is so much smolder going on in these pictures. The photoshopping of course doesn't help in the least, adding a glossy layer of strangeness that is uncomfortably hypnotic. Kristen Stewart, being the Kristen Stewart that she is, gets the worst of it, with her photos far and away being the strangest and most forced of the lot.

I'm just rambling now because I don't really know what else to say - these pictures just creep me out way too much with their Barbie-Doll asthetic and the looks that seem to say "I'm strongly interested in taking advantage of you in a dirty back alley and/or I'm actually dead right now." 

November 16th, boys and girls.

BD promo pic 0

BD promo pic 2

BD promo pic 3

BD promo pic 4

BD promo pic 5

BD promo pic 6

BD promo pic 7

BD promo pic 8

BD promo pic 9

BD promo pic 10

BD promo pic 11

Extra Tidbit: I know that it's nothing new to make fun of Twilight. And I try to refrain, but then somebody actually decides that this is promotional material worthy of release and I... I just can't help it. The beast comes out unbidden.
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