Brett Ratner to direct Beverly Hills Cop 4 starring Eddie Murphy

Jerry Bruckheimer just recently signed a first-look deal with Paramount, and Deadline has learned that the producer's first project with the studio is going to be a new BEVERLY HILLS COP film, with Brett Ratner directing. Eddie Murphy will be back as Axel Foley, and according to Deadline, the character will be returning to his native Detroit in the fourth film. Ratner was actually attached to a new BEVERLY HILLS COP movie back in 2008, and was still talking about the film possibly happening in 2010. Deadline says Brett Ratner will direct the new Axel Foley adventure as soon as he completes work on MGM's HERCULES.

I'm trying not to be overly negative about a project that doesn't even have a script yet, but I'm finding it very hard not to be a Debbie Downer about a new BEVERLY HILLS COP movie. Brett Ratner directing isn't the only reason though. Eddie Murphy obviously hasn't been at the top of his game for a long time, and although Jerry Bruckheimer has had a ton of success in the past, do we really need sequels to all of his movies that performed well in theaters? Why does it have to be another BEVERLY HILLS COP movie, and not a project with an original idea directed by Brett Ratner and starring Eddie Murphy? Is that really so hard?

Maybe the new film will be a hilarious and great return for Eddie Murphy, but until I see something I like from BEVERLY HILLS COP 4, I'm just not too thrilled about another movie.

Source: Deadline



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