Brian De Palma set to direct paranoia thriller The Key Man

Last we heard back in January, it was being reported that director Brian De Palma would be taking the helm of a film called PASSION, a remake of a French erotic thriller said to be akin to the filmmaker's own DRESSED TO KILL (a fantastic movie that's on Netflix Instant right now for you all to check out). That one was said to be starting production this month.

Now, Deadline is reporting that De Palma has been brought on by QED International and Safehouse Pictures to direct a new thriller called THE KEY MAN from screenwriter Joby Harold (AWAKE). The film is "about a single father who's targeted by U.S. government agents because his body contains answers to important national secrets." It's supposed to be a throwback to the paranoia thrillers of the 70s like THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR and MARATHON MAN.

THE KEY MAN will supposedly begin production by the end of the year. But where does that leave PASSION? Did that project fall to the wayside?
Extra Tidbit: FEMME FATALE is totally underrated. Don't believe me? It's on Netflix Instant as well, check it out!
Source: Deadline



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