Bruce Willis Dicks

Sorry if I confused you with the title, especially if it takes you some time to get the mental image out of your head. Needless to say, I am a Kevin Smith fan. I may not be as hardcore as some, but I do follow his twitter. Well, I must have just missed this because Smith posted a pic of Bruce Willis from his new movie A COUPLE OF DICKS , with this to say, "This is my Bruce-Willis-holding-a-gun picture. There are many like it but this one is mine: http://tinyurl.com/mem5yl . DICKS almost done..."

Smith is a huge fanboy himself so getting Bruce Willis to hold a gun in one of his movies must be just as cool as actually getting to act with Bruce Willis in a movie, case and point LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD. Willis is a legend to some, actually most, and seeing him in anything is usually worth seeing.

DICKS seems like a bit of a departure from the usual Smith movie, but with both Willis and Tracy Morgan teaming up in a story about two cops getting into shenanigans it will be interesting. The cast is great, like it wouldn't be, it's got everyone from Jason Lee returning to Kevin Pollak.

Thanks for the heads up "Batfag"!

Check out the picture that Smith linked, as well as a two other photos from the movie.

Extra Tidbit: It's possible they will be changing the title to A COUPLE OF COPS, rather than A COUPLE OF DICKS. Boring.



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