Bryan Singer on Wolverine's cameo in X-Men: Apocalypse

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The last trailer seemed to spill the beans on Wolverine's involvement in the upcoming X-MEN: APOCALYPSE, but if you'd like to refrain from discovering more about Wolverine's role in the film, read no further because there will be spoilers. As Hugh Jackman has appeared in every X-MEN film thus far, I would have been very surprised had X-MEN: APOCALYPSE director Bryan Singer not included him. Judging from the trailer, Wolverine will encounter our young mutant heroes at Alkali Lake and give them "a little help," namely, killing off scores of bad guys.

While speaking with HeyUGuys, Bryan Singer teased that we'll be seeing a side of Wolverine which we've never seen before.

What's really nice about his cameo is that he's the Wolverine you've never seen before. He's truly Weapon X. Not just the guy coming out of the tank, but the weapon.

X-MEN: APOCALYPSE screenwriter and X-MEN franchise producer Simon Kinberg also revealed that Wolverine's role was initially much different than what they ended up with in the finished film.

There were a lot of different versions. I didn't feel pressured to put Wolverine in this movie because I feel like there's so many great characters in the X-Men Universe that we probably could have made a movie without Wolverine and it still would have been an engaging film. We talked about a lot of different versions. There was a version where he got introduced in the middle of the movie and became this sort of drill sergeant for the kids, but that felt like it stepped on Raven's role of becoming the leader to the kids. There were two or three different incarnations that we tried, but none of them felt quite right. As we were constructing the movie, we always imagined that they were abducted and taken [to Alkali Lake] and that Weapon X would be there and you'd see something that you've never really seen in these movies before which is the full on, out of control, animalistic, stripped down Wolverine.

X-MEN: APOCALYPSE will hit theaters on May 27, 2016.

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