Cable is looking rough in new Deadpool 2 images

Josh Brolin’s Cable in DEADPOOL 2 looks pretty badass, and seemingly impossible to take down given his big gun and even bigger muscles. But the ripped time-traveler isn’t invincible and is sporting so bruises and a bloody nose in some new photos that found their way online. At least he has a teddy bear on his belt to make the boo-boos better.

Take a look below at the images, courtesy of Twitter user Universo X-Men:

In terms of detail, there’s not a ton more to discover about Brolin’s character in the photos, but they certainly showcase more of a wanderer-of-the-post-apocalyptic-waste look than the first images. The pics do seem to show Cable in the middle of a battle, and Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) probably isn’t the one dealing ass-whuppin’s. The main villain of the movie is being played by Jack Kesy, and though his role has yet to be unveiled many believe it's Black Tom Cassidy, and he may be the one Cable is going toe-to-toe with.

Brolin is looking excellent as Cable and I can’t wait to see some footage of him in action, both in the literal sense and when it comes to him and Deadpool doing whatever form of bantering a duo like Pool and Cable are capable of sharing. Deadpool’s antics could get old fast without some other dynamic there, and luckily Cable will provide the serious, deadpan humor to Pool's zany antics. If one of the posters for this movie doesn't parody THE ODD COUPLE I refuse to see the film.

DEADPOOL 2 arrives June 1, 2018.

Source: Twitter



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