Captain America character posters remind us of the film's small roster

UPDATE - We've confirmed that these are not, in fact, official posters or banners for CAPTAIN AMERICA. It may be art given to promotional partners for merchandise tie-ins (like the art you'd see on a Slurpee cup maybe) but they're nothing you'll see hanging in your local movie theater.

GREEN LANTERN and X-MEN: FIRST CLASS can't have all the fun. CAPTAIN AMERICA has now come out with its own series of character posters, and they reveal that actually, there are a lot less characters in this film than there are in most superhero flicks these days.

Thor had his entire Asgard crew, GL has his Lanterns, and X-Men movie rosters are always huge. But Captain America? We only have him, Peggy Carter and Red Skull, and I can't even think of any more characters that would merit their own poster, save possibly Bucky.

I'm curious to see how a superhero flick will go with a smaller cast. The only other example I can think of recently of a non-ensemble cast has been THE DARK KNIGHT, which really only had Batman, Joker and Two-Face as major poster-worthy players. CapAm would seem to have even less, and I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing.

See the posters below or bigger at the Pimpin Poster Palace.

Extra Tidbit: Does anyone else think "only in theaters" is a strange tagline to have for a movie like this? Does anyone think this is straight to DVD?
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