Captain America will battle the Red Skull to the music of composer Alan Silvestri

While we still await something a little more meaty than the brief Super Bowl glimpse at CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER, at least now we have some idea of of the soundtrack we'll hear when Marvel's hero is bouncing his bulletproof shield off bad guys' faces.

According to Film Music Reporter, composer Alan Silvestri will be providing the rousing score for the war in which Steve Rogers gets all super-serumed to fight the good fight.

Silvestri's last movie was THE A-TEAM, but a lot of movie fans will associate the industry veteran with his work from the BACK TO THE FUTURE trilogy, PREDATOR, WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT and ROMANCING THE STONE.

Michael Giacchino and John Powell were previously rumored for the composer position on CAP.

Composer (and Disney regular) Alan Menken is also reportedly providing music in some capacity, possibly for scenes when Cap is being utilized as a USO spokesman/prop.

Extra Tidbit: Got a favorite lesser-known composer or movie score?



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