I've done a lot of Cast This columns full of unexpected roles, and this is certainly one of them. You wouldn't think there'd be a whole lot more to improve on from Brian De Palma's 1976 version of Stephen King's CARRIE, but this is Hollywood, and what's old is new again.

I'm half surprised the film isn't being written by Diablo Cody, but rather the duties have been handed to Roberta Aquire-Sarcasa, who recently wrote the ill-fated Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark musical. Just so long as wasn't the stuntman I suppose. But the real question is, who will be the girl herself? Who will be CARRIE?

Sissy Spacek's portrayal is obviously unforgettable, and it helped make the original the classic what it is. I can think of a number of redheaded actresses who might be able to fill the role, but would they be able to capture the same sort of psychotic energy and timely vulnerability Spacek had?

Stephen King has some interesting thoughts on the film and the remake, and the whole concept seems to bemuse him. It was his first novel, one that he admits in his eyes isn't all that great, and he said De Palma's movie greatly improved on it. As for the remake, he joked about Lindsay Lohan taking the central role. Uh huh.

So I'm curious to see who you guys would pick for the part. I have my number once choice in mind, and I'll be interested to see if it matches up with any of yours. But first..


Last session we tried to overlook the fact that it's Brett Ratner making a new Hercules movie, and we wanted to see who might fit the part in our modern array of buff actors. Who did you guys pick?

1. The Rock (15%) 2. Alexander Skarsgard (10%) 3. Liam Hemsworth (8%)

This might be the most diverse array of choices I've ever seen in one of these columns. The fact is, we don't have the kind of massively jacked actors like Arnold and Stallone like we used to, so The Rock is really our best bet when it comes to those sorts of roles.

Skarsgard could be a good pick, but while I could have seen him as Thor, I don't know about Hercules. And speaking of Thor, a lot of you wanted his little brother, Liam Hemsworth, in the role. Maybe if Hercules was very, very young in the film, but otherwise? I don't see it.

Alright, how about Carrie?

Extra Tidbit: Just think of all the fun new CGI deaths by telekinesis!
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