Cast This: Geralt of The Witcher (Netflix series)

As we continue to wait for a great movie adaptation of a video game (how many of us thought ASSASSIN'S CREED might finally break the trend?), one popular game series -- or at least its source material -- is moving to the small screen instead.

Rather than trying to condense the extensive realm of the Continent and its bestiary of horrors into a feature-length movie, the epic action-fantasy saga THE WITCHER will get its own TV series, courtesy of Netflix and producers Sean Daniel and Jason Brown (of Syfy's excellent show "The Expanse").

Unlike the sprawling action-RPG video game trilogy from developer CD Projekt RED (which crafted original stories after licensing the property), the Netflix series will be adapted from the fantasy novels by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, who will also serve as creative consultant on the show.

The premise revolves around traveling monster-hunters known as "witchers", notably veteran protagonist Geralt of Rivia (aka, the "White Wolf", aka the "Butcher of Blaviken"). Trained since early age and compelled to endure the "Trial of the Grasses", Geralt gained superhuman abilities (and his trademark white hair) after being exposed to experimental mutagens.

With a tongue as sharp as his blade, the cynical Geralt of Rivia (who's not actually from Rivia -- but that's another story) roams the land hiring out his slaying services to those requiring the extermination of various vile creatures that dwell in darkness. The grizzled mercenary is often joined in his exploits by sexy sorceresses Triss of Maribor and Yennefer of Vengerberg, along with his horse(s) called Roach.

Although the show will be adapted from Sapkowski's novels rather than the non-canonical stories presented in the games, it seems likely that the lead character will bear some resemblance to the version that has become so recognizable from the hit video game series (which, for example, added his distinctive eye scar).

But who should portray the dry-witted, sword-swinging killer of beasts?

The first guy who jumps to mind is Zach McGowan of "Black Sails" and "The 100" -- he's got the scruffy look and gruff voice, and can certainly handle action. Mads Mikkelsen seems like a popular pick among Witcher fans (and isn't too old for the role at 51, considering Geralt is pushing 100). "Vikings" star Travis Fimmel also has a great weathered appearance and sure knows how to wield a weapon.

Let us know below who you think would make a great Geralt for The Witcher series!

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