Cast This: Snake Plissken

This is territory that we visited three years ago, but now since new rumors have sparked concerning the role of Snake Plissken in the remake of ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, we wonder...who will you cast this time?

A week ago, we got wind that Jason Statham and Tom Hardy were the front men to take over the role once held by Kurt Russell. Now I know that many of you would rather not recast this role. Well, I don't blame you. Russell just so excellently becomes this role and owns the shit out of it so much that it just doesn't feel right to think of anyone else in it. However, what are the odds that Russell even makes a comeback to the role? He said it would take a "shitload of money" for him to even consider it. Do they even want him back? Then wouldn't it be a sequel?

Personally, if i had to choose I know that Josh Holloway would be perfect in a role like this. I think that he has the closest chops to what Russell brought to the big screen. Man, this task is almost as hard as asking you to recast Adrienne Barbeau's role in the film. How do you replace a chick like that? I'm still wondering if this movie will actually ever get made since there's no director and we are just now hearing about the leading role possibly (it was a rumor) being filled. But casting anything is fun, so let's just do it.

Quit stalling and cast your new Snake already!

RESULTS FROM PREVIOUS 'CAST THIS': Who Should Direct The Next James Bond Movie?

1. Christopher Nolan 2. Matthew Vaughn 3. Danny Boyle

Why was I surprised seeing Matthew Vaughn's name getting thrown out by so many people to direct the next BOND? But as I'm scanning and taking down your results, I look up and go, "F*cking Layer Cake!" It was one of those ridiculous moments when you want to slap yourself for not already knowing. I digress, Nolan was the win here, one thing I wasn't surprised by. I loved the dedication and reasoning behind your picks this time. Also, we never discussed if it should be an American or British director, though as you can see no Americans made the cut. Martin McDonagh would have been fourth, and was my second favorite. Geez, hurry up and find a director already. I don't know if I can wait forever.

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