Cast This: Who Should Direct the Next James Bond Movie?

Recently it was announced that Sam Mendes would not be returning to helm the next James Bond installment. Well, now I guess we need to meet back up at headquarters and figure out who we want to direct BOND 24!

Since last Wednesday morning, I've slowly been going through the stages of loss. As of now, I'm in the "bargaining" stage. If the movie gods would just see it fit to send Mendes back to the project, I would give up on whatever television pleasure they would see fit to take away in order to get this deal done (not BREAKING BAD, that's a no-go). But does it need to go that far? Should I keep holding on to Mendes just because I happened to love SKYFALL? Other directors have done well with the series, and have since been replaced as well. With a series like Bond that has and will go on for some time, we have to expect the good and the bad. With Daniel Craig being a spectacular 007, I only hope that they find someone that can do the project as a whole some rightful justice.

Who can we call upon to direct? I've seen quite a few people crying out, "In Nolan, we trust!" Then there are those who are looking for past helmers to return like CASINO ROYALE's Martin Campbell. The rest are open to seeing someone different come out to take on Bond. Fresh meat, maybe? Or do you choose a seasoned veteran? Maybe it's better to find someone with a solid action background, but what about storytelling? When Mendes was hired, all he had directed were these films with strong stories, and little action. Does one need to have fast paced action on their resume? It's a lot to consider.

I know I can count on you guys to come up with something good. So, don't let the skyfall and just get to putting someone in the directors chair for BOND 24.


BATMAN: 1. Christian Bale 2. Joseph Gordon-Levitt 3. Karl Urban

SUPERMAN: 1. Henry Cavill 2. Brandon Routh 3. Tom Welling

WONDER WOMAN: 1. Gina Carano 2. Jaimie Alexander 3. Evangeline Lilly

GREEN LANTERN: 1. Ryan Reynolds 2. Idris Elba 3. Taylor Kitsch

THE FLASH: 1. Bradley Cooper 2. Neil Patrick Harris 3. Jesse Eisenberg

Source: JoBlo.com



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