Cast This: Justice League

You knew this day was coming, so I hope you have some awesome suggestions. This edition of "Cast This" is for JUSTICE LEAGUE!

Ugh. I know, it's been awhile. My apologies. But I'm coming back with a fun as hell adventure in casting for this column. With the rumor that JUSTICE LEAGUE has been possibly pushed back to 2021, I think we can step back and take a bigger picture approach to our suggestions. Why do I say this? In between now and then, Warner Bros. could give the the other members of the JUSTICE LEAGUE their own solo films. Gotta have solid casting for that, right? Indeed. Who is the next Batman? We already have our Superman. But then there's also Green Lantern (if Ryan Reynolds opts out), Wonder Woman, and The Flash.

Will Reynolds come back to take on Green Lantern? Will they want him? I think he'd do it, but what if it doesn't happen? I know, I know-- Nathan Fillion. Even though Jaimie Alexander plays Sif in THOR, I think she would be a fantastic Wonder Woman. I always thought Ryan Reynolds would be a good Flash before he was cast as Green Lantern. That's not going to pan out either, so I need a little help on another actor for the job. Then there's Batman. Oh Bruce, who will fill your shoes now? If we go by what we saw in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, then we possibility already have our answer. But Hollywood and their decision making at times is a little off, so it could be anyone.

You have your task. Go forth. Just don't re-cast Superman because well, Henry Cavill sort of already has that role. Unless you just want to throw out suggestions for the hell of it. I'll post them if you do.


1. Ethan Hawke 2. Richard Dean Anderson 3. Josh Holloway

The previous column was one after my own heart, as are the results. Ethan Hawke beat Richard Dean Anderson by one vote. ONE VOTE. Crazy, right? But we all know that if we can get RDA back then we will take it with open arms and happiness in our souls. I am a Josh Holloway admirer for several reasons, but he doesn't really have the MacGyver personality in my opinion. Hawke, I think can easily slip into that role. OH and the Neil Degrasse Tyson suggestion totally made my day. I love you guys everyday, but sometimes I REALLY love you.

Extra Tidbit: I agree with those of you who are saying that Aquaman was given the shaft. The character has recently made great strides. As someone pointed out before, a character is only as good as its writer.
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