Cast This: MacGyver

Confused that James Wan was hired to direct MACGYVER? We are too! So ride the confusion with us, while we try to cast the man, the myth, the legend-- Angus MacGyver!

After sitting on the idea of adapting MACGYVER from the small screen to the big one, New Line stepped it up and finally moved the project along. Wan, who is definitely a strange choice, will likely bring more of a serious tone to the film rather than something off-beat and comedic. So far it sounds like they just want to play it straight on this one, but I think that you might need comedic elements to make this work. Obviously you don't go full MACGRUBER, but it might be in the filmmakers and screenwriters best interest to take in a late night marathon of the show.

The man with the once beautifully coiffed and mullet styled hair, Richard Dean Anderson came into our lives starting in 1985. Boys and men alike were impressed with his solutions using every day objects instead of opting for traditional weapons. MACGYVER was so efficient and amazing that eventually his name became a verb. I know that some of you don't see this film panning out. If they take it in the right direction, then it might work, but did the release of MACGRUBER ruin that?

Okay, I'm getting away from the point, who would be the best choice to play MacGyver? Also, who still has hair like that apart from Michael Bay?


1. Channing Tatum 2. Taylor Kitsch 3. Armie Hammer

As you can see, you choose Taylor Kitsch again, and Tatum barely had a lead on him. I like Tatum (redeemed in 21 JUMP STREET) but I don't feel like he's right for the role. Armie Hammer was a good choice as well. I'm surprised that I didn't think of him. He's got the build for it, and he could easily transition between the Tarzan of the jungle and the man who goes back to the modern world. However, I think they pretty much have Alexander Skarsgard locked down to the role now. I'm going to enjoy seeing Skarsgard and Samuel L. Jackson, who plays an ex-mercenary, save the Congo. Yes, that's the plot. It's brilliant. I'm not even joking.

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