Charlie Sheen is passionate about doing a new Major League

In between Charlie Sheen's wild schedule of, well, everything your mom ever told you not to do and more-- he's decided to resurrect his movie career.

Charlie Sheen told TMZ (yeah, no surprise) that he's doing everything in his power to get a new MAJOR LEAGUE off the ground. Yes, I'm well aware that they are already in the process of trying to get another MAJOR LEAGUE off the ground.

Here's the thing though, Sheen feels that the third film (MAJOR LEAGUE: BACK TO THE MINORS) is a cinematic abortion. He wants to erase that film and do his own MAJOR LEAGUE 3. Sheen says that the third should not be counted with the rest of the films. What will it take to bring back Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn? Sheen says he's down to reprise the character if a script is greenlit.

It was also mentioned that Sheen held a screening at his house of the 1989 original during a baseball all-star party at his house. Brian Wilson, Eddie Murray and Lenny Dykstra all showed up to look at porn star razor burn and relive the old glory days.

Extra Tidbit: To be honest, I was in love with Charlie Sheen as soon as I saw MAJOR LEAGUE. I am so sad at what his life has become. I'm down for a good party, but sometimes one can party too hard.
Source: THRTMZ



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