Charlize Theron is absolutely down to play Imperator Furiosa again

Mad Max: Fury Road Charlize Theron Furiosa

There was plenty to love about George Miller's MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, but one of the standout elements was Charlize Theron as Imperator Furiosa. Traditionally there hasn't been all that much character crossover from film to film, but many fans were hoping that they hadn't seen the last of Furiosa. Miller has two more MAD MAX films in the works and although we don't know if Furiosa will have a big part to play in the further adventures of Max Rockatansky, Charlize Theron is certainly game to return. While speaking with MTV, Theron was asked whether she would want another shot at the character.

I would love to bring her back to life, are you kidding?… To have people react to something like that where you went and worked your balls off (laughs), it’s really, really nice, it kind of just puts everything into perspective. I can see how people are responding to her and I look at my little girl and I’m like, ‘Yeah I’d love to play this woman again, definitely.’

Despite the enormous success of MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, George Miller hasn't been in a hurry to return to the wasteland, saying that he'd like to take on a smaller project first. Charlize Theron knows that it could be a few years before we see movement on the MAD MAX sequel, but when George Miller is ready, she'll be awaiting his call. THE HUNTSMAN: WINTER'S WAR, in which Charlize Theron reprises her role of Queen Ravenna, is currently playing in theaters.

If Charlize Theron does return as Furiosa, should it be in another Mad Max film or a Furiosa spin-off?

Source: MTV



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