Check out Melissa McCarthy in her new Ghostbusters uniform

There's been quite a lot of GHOSTBUSTERS news hitting the web these past few days; yesterday we found out that Andy Garcia, Michael K. Williams, Cecily Strong, and Matt Walsh would all be making appearances in the new film and earlier today it was announced that Neil Casey would be filling the the shoes of the as-yet-unrevealed lead villain.

We've seen photos of the new Ghostbusters uniforms (as well as their proton packs) but hadn't yet had the pleasure of seeing our new cast wear them. A new set photo has emerged which shows Melissa McCarthy wearing the new uniform (sans proton pack sadly) and you can check it out below.

You're not going to get much Ghostbustin' done without your proton pack McCarthy. Until we finally get an official photo of the new GHOSTBUSTERS foursome decked out in their full uniforms, I suppose we'll just have to put it all together in our imaginations; we've still got those right? Director Paul Feig has been happy to share bits and pieces from the shoot on his Twitter account, in fact he's recently been sharing some more detailed looks at the proton pack to help out cosplayers who want to get a jump on things.

GHOSTBUSTERS hits theaters on July 22, 2016.

Source: VultureTwitter



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