Check out the new proton packs from Paul Feig's Ghostbusters

Yesterday, director Paul Feig revealed the costumes for his GHOSTBUSTERS flick and they looked . . . well, exactly what you'd think they'd look like. The man's brought in plenty of controversy by hiring only women to portray the titular 'Busters, but it doesn't look he's going to be straying too far from the designs of the original costumes.

Next up we have the proton packs. These bad boys are (in case you've forgotten) backpack-sized particle accelerators that are capable of firing a stream of protons that polarizes the negatively charged energy of a ghost, allowing it to be held in the stream. Yeah, science! Check out Feig's iteration of these "ghost catchers" below!

Much like the costumes, the proton packs don't differ too greatly from the classic design. They're a little less bulky than the originals (you can see a comparison below), but what I really dig is the seemingly makeshift quality of them. You can see through to the little wires on the inside, and it LOOKS like something that would actually do some damage. More importantly, I really hope they nail the sound design of these things! Perhaps we'll get a picture of the girls in outfit next?

GHOSTBUSTERS will arrive in theaters on July 22, 2016.

Which proton pack design do you prefer?

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