Celebrate the Mayan Apocalypse with supercuts of end of world movies and heartbreaking films

The end of days is coming, people! We are less than three days away from the final date on the Mayan long count calendar. Whether it be a mystery planet crashing into us MELANCHOLIA style or something far more awful, none of us will be around after Friday. So, that means no DJANGO UNCHAINED, no STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS, and certainly no new STAR WARS movies. No, it will end abruptly and sadly.

What better way to celebrate than with these supercuts of movies featuring the end of the world. From INDEPENDENCE DAY to DEEP IMPACT to ARMAGEDDON, this supercut brings together 38 films in under three minutes. The other is a compilation of the 50 most heartbreaking movie moments of all time.

Between these two videos, I expect you all to be reduced to a paranoid mess of tears and human excrement, for that is the power of cinema. Hopefully you get a chance to view them before Friday. If not, I have no idea how you are reading this.

F*cking Ricky Schroeder! THE CHAMP always kills me every time I see it. That BLUE VALENTINE scene is tough too. Oh, man, not SHAWSHANK! THE IRON GIANT? SCHINDLER'S LIST? THE COLOR PURPLE? No, not Gandalf! I am dying over here. I need a new box of tissues.

Extra Tidbit: It is hilarious people really think Friday will be the Apocalypse.
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