Check out the opening credits sequence for the upcoming American Horror Story: Coven

I enjoyed the first two seasons of AMERICAN HORROR STORY and I respect that it is willing to tell self-contained stories each season instead of milking the format beyond reason. The first season was crazy and pushed everything at the viewer while the second season tightened up the writing and format. The consistent thing is that in each season we have gotten a phenomenal performance from Jessica Lange. Now, for the third season she is back and the subject is witches.

Like prior seasons, we have gotten a number of teasers with surreal imagery and only recently got some actual scenes from the show to learn what is going to happen this year. We know that Lange, Kathy Bates, and Angela Bassett play witches in the New Orleans setting and that a group of new students come to their school to learn the ways of witchcraft. Creator Ryan Murphy wants the witches grounded in a more psychological horror than a fantasy world like HARRY POTTER.

As a treat for fans looking forward to the premiere coming to FX on October 9th, Murphy has shared the opening credits for the show. The first two seasons had intense credit sequences full of creepy things. So, just in time for Halloween, check out the main titles followed by the latest teasers for AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN.

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