Check out these wicked behind the scenes photos from Kill Bill Volume 1

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The "Showdown at House of Blue Leaves" sequence in KILL BILL is one of the most well structured series of action scenes in recent cinematic history, with moment after moment of memorable encounters and cool moves and vicious deaths and gripping choreography and fantastic music composition.  It honestly has just about anything and everything one might hope for in an extended fight sequence.

Anyone who agrees with any part of the above statement should then much appreciate the fact that Mirimax, the production company behind KILL BILL (and most every other Tarantino flick), has now released ten behind the scenes pictures from the aforementioned epic fight sequence. 

They are a fascinating glimpse into the sort of work done by behind the scenes folks in order to craft those moments we as audience members find so very cool, and I couldn't be happier that Mirimax released these images so that we can fully appreciate the brilliant work the production people do.  Plus its just fun to have a glimpse of people resting and laughing between takes while surrounded by KILL BILL's hallmark blood and gore.

Kill Bill BTS 1

Kill Bill BTS 2

Kill Bill BTS 3

Kill Bill BTS 4

Kill Bill BTS 5

Kill Bill BTS 6

Kill Bill BTS 7

Kill Bill BTS 8

Kill Bill BTS 9

Kill Bill BTS 10

Extra Tidbit: Do you prefer Volume 1 or Volume 2, ignoring for a moment that they're really meant to be one movie?
Source: Miramax



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