Check out this profile video of Robert Rodriguez and Troublemaker studios

Filmmaker Robert Rodriguez is devoting a lot of time these days to his El Rey network, overseeing shows like From Dusk Till Dawn and Matador. While he made waves early on in his career with features like DESPERADO and FROM DUSK TILL DAWN, his recent work (MACHETE, THE ADVENTURES OF SHARKBOY AND LAVAGIRL) isn't exactly winning audiences over. For better and for worse, he's always played by his own rules. That's exactly what prompted him to build his own studio in Texas and thanks to Red Bull, here's a sneak peak behind the scenes of where SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR was shot.

Mr. Rodriguez is an ambitious guy, but color me selfish for wanting to see him direct more features himself. Give the guy 10 million, limit him to practical effects and I'm sure he could whip together a crafty, action flick. However, a sequel to SIN CITY is more than acceptable and hopefully brings Rodriguez and Frank Miller enough money to light a fire under their ass to bring the rest of the SIN CITY novels to screens.

SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR his theaters August 22, 2014.

Source: Red Bull



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