Choke casting news

Choke In early May, we reported on some apparent forward movement on the long gestating dark dramedy CHOKE, the feature adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk's novel of the same name. At the time, none of us in the JoBlo.com collective put too much stock in the news seeing as how we regurgitate the forward movement spiel every three to four years. The webmaster of Palahniuk's official site, however, recently doled out a concrete slab of hope that this thing might actually be happening in the near future in the form of a cast list. While it's been widely reported that Sam Rockwell is a lock for perpetually asphyxiating protagonist Victor Mancini and Angelica Huston for Ida, they've now added that Kelly MacDonald is up for the role of Paige and Brad Henke for Brad. As always, schmoes, please do strike back at will with any and all thoughts.

Extra Tidbit: The Biffy Clyro song "Joy.Discovery.Invention" and the Panic! At the Disco song "Build God, Then We'll Talk" are each named after a phrase in Choke.



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