Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Colin Trevorrow talk Jurassic World

In a recent on-set interview with some of the cast and crew of JURASSIC WORLD, some interesting bits of information were dropped that falls in line with the reports we've been hearing thus far. We also get an idea of Steven Spielberg's involvement, and why genetic tampering (to create a new kind of dinosaur) was done in the first place. You can see the whole interview here, but I've included the highlights for you.

Colin Trevorrow on Spielberg's input:

Words of wisdom every day. He'll send ideas and he'll draw out ideas on pads of paper, and I'll shoot 'em!

Bryce Dallas Howard on feeling any pressure:

I feel like Jurassic Park was sort of our generation's STAR WARS. It's a really big deal.

Chris Pratt on the state of the theme park in the film:

People from around the world, 20,000 visitors a day, come to see the dinosaurs and to see the several attractions and it's been around long enough to where attendance starts to fall off a little bit so they've decided to come up with a new attraction to bring even more people in and you're never gonna believe it . . . but it doesn't go well.

I'm very happy that Steven Spielberg is very involved in the process. I have all the faith in the world that he chose the right director in Colin Trevorrow, but his contributions put a smile on my face. While I don't quite agree with Bryce Dallas Howard's quip about it being compared to STAR WARS (if only because none of the sequels lived up to the original), I do feel that JURASSIC PARK created a fully realized world that people love and are excited about. What movie featuring dinosaurs isn't compared to the now-classic? Over the years there were so many ideas being tossed around for JP4, that I became indifferent towards the whole thing. Now that we know about the direction JURASSIC WORLD is taking, I'm feeling confident that not only are they on the path to creating a great JURASSIC PARK sequel, but this may open up all kinds of doors for the franchise in the future.

JURASSIC WORLD hits theaters on June 12, 2015.

Source: The Today Show



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