Chris Pratt will play a bootlegger in The Real McCoy for Universal

Are you tired of Chris Pratt yet? Despite only really breaking through to the mainstream with last year's GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY and set to appear this summer in JURASSIC WORLD, it seems that Pratt's name is popping up in contention for every single major role out there from THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN (confirmed) to the INDIANA JONES reboot (rumored). Does Pratt think he is Idris Elba or something?

Adding to his COWBOY NINJA VIKING project at Universal, Pratt is now set to play a different sort of action hero in THE REAL MCCOY. The Hollywood Reporter reports the film comes from a script pitch by THE JUDGE screenwriter Bill Dubuque that has been the subject of a bidding war between studios this week.

The story centers on bootlegger Bill McCoy, whose life inspired the phrase "the real McCoy," meaning the liquor hadn't been cut.

Pratt's schedule is filling up and he will next work on THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN for director Antoine Fuqua before jumping into GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2 which is set for a 2017 release. There is definitely time in between for THE REAL MCCOY to happen, but what does that mean for his other obligations? This sounds like the most unique of the films the actor is linked to and could be small enough that it could get filmed between some of the bigger projects.

Chris Pratt will next be see in JURASSIC WORLD opening June 12th.



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