Cinema chain to experiment with building playgrounds in theaters

We all love going to the theater to see something we enjoy up on the big-screen, at least, that's how we should feel, but all too often, our theater experiences are tarnished by rude patrons, unhelpful staff and/or audio/visual problems. That said, we've never had to deal with an actual playground in the middle of the theater before.

Mexico-based cinema chain Cinépolis is hoping to appeal to families with young children by remodeling two of their U.S. theaters with "colorful decor, a 55-foot long and 20-foot high play structure featuring slides, two platforms and a bounty of playground equipment." Billed as the nation's first dedicated theater auditorium for kids, Cinépolis USA Chief Executive Adrian Mijares Elizondo says that Cinépolis Junior is "really intended to make kids feel welcome and comfortable. The whole idea is to make it easier for parents to take their kids to the movies and let the kids have more fun." The Cinépolis Junior theaters will also serve several kid-friendly menu items, including "enhanced popcorn flavors like Cheetos, Chili, Caramel, and Zebra." Unfortunately for families, who already pay an arm and a leg for a night out at the theater, all these extras will be bumping up the regular ticket price. D'oh.

The concept was first introduced in Mexico several years ago and allowed children to make use of the play area before the movie began and during an intermission, but according to the LA Times, they're considering changing that for the U.S. theaters by "leaving the house lights on during the movie so that restless children can easily get up to play." Patience, who needs it.

Obviously these theaters are intended for families with young children, so you won't have to worry about some kid heading down a tube slide in the middle of LOGAN, but Elizondo believes that bringing the kids in early will "increase the possibility of those guests becoming strong moviegoers as teenagers and adults." That, or they become the next generation of moviegoers who can't stay focused for two hours without craving the sweet thrill of plastic tubes.

Sound off below, especially those of you with children, and let us know what your thoughts on Cinépolis Junior are and whether or not you think that it's a good idea for kids.

Extra Tidbit: If the concept take off, Cinépolis is planning on adding three or four new Cinépolis Junior auditoriums a year for the next four to five years.
Source: LA Times



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