Clash of Clans commercial director set to helm Ghostbusters animated movie

I already anticipate the "Sony should just leave everything GHOSTBUSTERS alone" response that is sure to arise anytime Sony Pictures moves forward with something as it pertains to a new GHOSTBUSTERS movie. Except guess what...? It's not going to happen, and do you know why? GHOSTBUSTERS is a viable franchise for the studio that they see big money in and, for Sony whose cubbards are incredibly bare when it comes to intellectual properties they control, GHOSTBUSTERS represents one of the few things they can attempt to wring every last dollar out of.

That's why, in addition to Paul Feig's GHOSTBUSTERS coming this summer, the studio is also working to get an animated GHOSTBUSTERS feature film off the ground, and they've now put in place a director to make it happen. Fletcher Moules has been tasked with the responsibility for Sony Pictures Animation with Ivan Reitman, director of the original GHOSTBUSTERS, producing the film.

Moules may be a name out of left field for many, but he has proven to be incredibly popular when it comes to the commercials for the CLASH OF CLANS mobile video game. It's there that he has made a name for himself and clearly Sony liked what they've seen of his work there to put him in such a prime position with one of their most valuable assets.

Sony is doubling-down on GHOSTBUSTERS as a cornerstone for the studio now that everyone moved past trying to make GHOSTBUSTERS 3 happen for many years. With the establishment of Ghost Corps, the collective between Dan Aykroyd and Reitman under Sony to continue building the GHOSTBUSTERS brand, this is probably not the last GHOSTBUSTERS project you'll hear is in the works, outside of the Channing Tatum-Chris Pratt-Russo brothers aside. Sony wants as much GHOSTBUSTERS as they think will make them tons of box office bank, so start getting used to it. This is the way the franchise landscape is these days.



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