Colin Farrell, Garrett Hedlund, and Taylor Kitsch rumored for True Detective

With Emmy nominations reinforcing the critical acclaim for HBO's TRUE DETECTIVE, the first piece of solid casting news has come to light. Deadline is reporting that Colin Farrell is "deep in talks" to take one of the lead roles in the second season of Nic Pizzolato's anthology mystery series. That's right, this time it is not a rumor but rather the first of what is now being reported to be four leads in the upcoming season.

The Wrap is also reporting on the Farrell casting but also throws in the names of Taylor Kitsch and Garrett Hedlund as two more potential leads. Those are still rumors at this point but would represent acting choices closer to what we saw in the first season. Prior to TRUE DETECTIVE's premiere, Matthew McConaughey was still reaching for a return to the A-list while Woody Harrelson was firmly entrenched as a supporting player. Now both actors are being looked at as top casting choices through Hollywood again. Farrell, Hedlund, and Kitsch are all just on the outskirts of superstardom with Farrell having been the closest to the top with his numerous roles in films like TOTAL RECALL, MINORITY REPORT, ALEXANDER, and THE NEW WORLD. His recent films have been primarily smaller films like IN BRUGES and SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS. Kitsch is notorious for being the actor Hollywood wanted to hit big and never quite did after box office bombs like JOHN CARTER and BATTLESHIP. He recently turned in strong roles in THE NORMAL HEART and LONE SURVIVOR. Hedlund starred in TRON: LEGACY and several smaller indies since then.

If these three end up being the primary leads for TRUE DETECTIVE's second season, I would be fine with it. All have a ton of potential and could knock it out of the park. If the William Friedkin rumor as director ends up coming to fruition, season two could be a worthy sophomore run for the show.

Source: DeadlineThe Wrap



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