Comedian Tig Notaro's series One Mississippi releases season 2 trailer

I've never actually seen ONE MISSISSIPPI yet, but I've loved Tig Notaro's stand-up for awhile now. Especially after her famous cancer set (though I had enjoyed her work before that). What makes her comedy great is how she's able to take raw pain and despair and turn it into something both relatable and gut-bustingly funny. Though I'm aware her dry and sardonic delivery isn't everyone's cup of tea.

Now, having seen the trailer for the semi-autobiographical show (where she plays a radio talk show host in rural Mississippi...hence, the title), I say I'll probably give it a look. While there are maybe one too many "hicks are dumb" jokes, it does seem to be light-hearted and doesn't look to be demonizing them either. Either way, I'm sure it'll at least be funny.

Meanwhile, ONE MISSISSIPPI will begin streaming on Amazon Prime September 8th.

Extra Tidbit: Despite his credit, Louis CK has nothing to do with the series on any creative level.
Source: YouTube



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