Comic book rumor time, now starring The Rock

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At least today's rumor comes courtesy of the rumor's subject, namely Dwayne Johnson himself.  In response to a tweet reading "I could see Rock playing in DC movies. Gravedigger or John Stewart (JL's Green Lantern)," Johnson tweeted a response that simply said "Funny U say that.."

Now while some may argue that this confirms/reveals exactly nothing, I would argue that Johnson has such an open and welcoming relationship that he wouldn't tease something like this unless it was a genuine possibility.  Johnson, along with Vin Diesel, works very hard to keep their fans informed, and it would only harmful be for them to outright make shit up.

So even though this possible mystery DC project may eventually fall through, what do you think The Rock might be cooking on his back burner? Could it be a revived version of the SHAZAM movie that Johnson was once attached to, or something else entirely?

What say you?

Dwayne Johnson in a white shirt

Extra Tidbit: It has also been suggested that since Johnson's JOURNEY 2 director Brad Peyton is currently working on LOBO, perhaps...



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