Comic Con: Fun pics with JoBlo.com crew!

Comic-Con is a funny experience when you're there to work it. It can be exhausting, stressful and maddening - but during the good times, it's exhilarating, fascinating and fun as hell. Most of those latter times come courtesy of the many parties and drinking opportunities the Con presents, and this being JoBlo.com, you know we're going to partake. Work hard, play hard - it's the Comic-Con way!

Here's a collection of "fun" pics we took this year. Basically just the JoBlo.com crew - made up of Berge "JoBlo" Garabedian, John "The Arrow" Fallon, Eric Walkuski, James "Jimmy O" Oster, Rusty Eltringham, Jason Adams, Paul Shirey and Nick Bosworth - clowning around, drinking, and having a blast!

Hope you've enjoyed our coverage this week (and if you missed anything, CLICK HERE to check that out). We'll be at it again next year!

Jason, Nick, Paul, Rusty and JoBlo say "Cheers!"

Rusty and Jimmy at "Dick's", a traditional JoBlo.com drinking spot

Eric and Chad Coleman, from "The Wire" and "The Walking Dead"!

Jimmy meets Harrison f*ckin' Ford! (Nice shirt, by the way!)

The Arrow being harassed by Eric Red (writer of The Hitcher and Near Dark!)

Jimmy chills with Dane DeHaan, Nimrod Antal and Lars Ulrich!

Eric and one of the You're Next villains! (Or maybe it's The Arrow...)

Rusty, Eric and Jimmy - it's already been a long night

The crew makes like the Reservoir Dogs

Jimmy taking part in the Masters of the Web panel!

Paul and JoBlo - bros fo life!

Nick has his work cut out for him

The Arrow reunites with his ex-girlfriend!

Gettin' ready for a three-way?

Another toast from the boys!

Jimmy and Rusty waiting for Sly and Arnold at the Escape Plan premiere!

Eric getting the side-eye from an Escape Plan guard

Eric, Paul and JoBlo mug it up at the Kick-Ass 2/Playboy party!

Kick-Ass 2 trampoline

Eric enjoys this Kick-Ass 2 party...

Arrow tells JoBlo, "You're Next!" Uh-oh...

Is Jimmy outlasting The Arrow?! Say it ain't so!

The Arrow chillin' with his best friend in the world

Wouldn't be SDCC without Arrow arm-wrestling someone. This time 'twas Paul

We all go a little mad sometimes at Comic-Con...

The Arrow, Eric and... um, friend?

You're not leaving until you finish that, Jimmy!

Go Darkside go!

What happens at Comic-Con, stays at Comic-Con...

JoBlo takes one for the road and looks badass doin' it!

Source: JoBlo.com

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