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Let it not be said that the JoBlo.com crew doesn't have fun at Comic-Con. Sure we work our asses off but like Neil Diamond, we thank the Lord for the nighttime. That endless cycle of lots of work, drinking, staying up late, waking up early, not eating and standing out in the sun tends to make you a little crazy by Friday. Hence our final picture galleries.

They are broken into three sections: Secret Pics, Superhero Upskirts and Stickerbombs. They are exactly what happens when a couple delirious (and sometimes drunk) JoBlo.com writers are unleashed on San Diego. All I can say about these pics is that they are a window into our insanity and we had fun shooting them. Thanks to Moreno, Jim Law and Ammon Gilbert for their help assembling these pics!


First, a history lesson. The origin of the JoBlo.com secret pic dates back long ago. Michael Jackson was still alive, Conan O’Brien still had a little show called Late Night, and nobody cared about 'Jon & Kate Plus 8'. It was 2008. We rolled into the second annual Wrath of Con party as young punks armed with nothing but our VIP wristbands and a camera. Add the free booze and the celebrities and you have all your necessary ingredients. That night provided the mother of all secret pics above as well as helped us hone our skills in way of timing, distance, and nail down the perfect amount of alcohol consumption needed for liquid courage. Below are a couple more examples from that night.

Bill Nighy: The very first secret pic.

The rules of the game are simple. 1) Ammon and I get drunk. 2) We find a celebrity. 3) Ammon stands behind them while I take a picture from afar. It’s to note that most of these people would most definitely be gracious enough to pose with one of us during the night. Where’s the fun in that? Fast forward to last weekend. Veterans of the game, we took our fun all over San Diego. Nobody was safe, not even our own staff. More parties, more celebrities, a lot more free booze. Below is our 2009 Comic Con Secret Pic gallery.

Jeff Bridges: He abides the secret pic.

Robert Carlyle: Ammon's standing in the pool.

Kevin Sorbo: Look how scared Ammon is.

Doug Jones: Abe Sapien

Masi Oka: Hiro!!!

Ray Park: Getting brave.

Daughtry: He has an Ammon 'fro

Sampson's first secret pic. I'm so pround of him.

You don't want to play the game anymore? Then you become the game.

And again.


Of course every site on the planet is going to have picture galleries from the 2009 San Diego Comic Con. From movie fan sites like ours' to sites dedicated to pushing little kids down (like my own personal site), everyone will have galleries featuring all the lovely costumes and what not on the floor. So we decided to do something a little different with our gallery coverage this year. And one of those galleries is the Upskirt gallery. Superhero Upskirts, that is.

Now, it's not what you think. I didn't get an upskirt photo of Jim Law (that he knows of), or that of any of the fine ladies in skirts on the floor (that would just be creepy), but rather, Mike Sampson and myself sought out all of the great superhero stand up statues and, well, take a look.

Nice sword Snake Eyes

That's a handy split in the back of that coat

SpongeBob SquareTaint

He-Man's undercarraige

This robot actually had ass cheeks

They couldn't even paint some undies on this dude?

She's just flashing her stuff for everyone to see

To infinity and my ass!

A slight case of swamp ass

Aye carumba!


I believe that's called a FUPA

In case you ever wondered what Voltron's crotch looked like

He has balls of steel


During the five day stint of Comic Con, Mike Sampson, myself and the gang changed up the pace and hit the floor. Passing Captain America and a very sleepy little fella, we spotted a JoBlo.com sticker. Then another. And another. After spotting 61 stickers, we started taking some flicks to prove it was happening. We knew nobody would believe us.

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