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The upcoming CONAN movie, to be directed by Marcus Nispel (TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE) is currently in pre-production and a big part of that is finding the perfect person to star as Conan the Barbarian. While there is no casting news yet, the search is well underway and a casting breakdown was sent to talent agencies in New York and LA this weekend. Moviehole got a copy of one of them and we get to see exactly what they're looking for from their Conan:

[ CONAN ] He's in his 20s to early 30s, Caucasian, powerfully built, broad-shouldered, sun browned skin lined with scars. Piercing blue eyes and square-cut black mane, tall. He is a savage killer that has matured into the refinement his father tried to teach him when he was young. Conan is very smart, almost inhumanly strong, and very cunning. His entire life, from the moment of his birth, has been shaped by violence. Being the last of his tribe and having to watch his father die a cruel death, he is determined avenge his peoples slaughter by killing all those who led the attack on the Cimmerians, including the all-powerful Khalar Singh. He is prepared to die in order to accomplish his goal. What Conan did not expect, was to find a reason to live… LEAD.

There are also breakdowns of the female lead and love interest Tamara (her alliance with Conan "eventually blossoms into something that surprises them both…") and the villainous Khalar Singh ("commanding in size and manner, a warlord and formidable warrior"). You can read all about the CONAN characters here at Moviehole and immediately begin your casting suggestions in the comments below...

Extra Tidbit: How about this guy?
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