Conan the Zombie?

Lionsgate is looking to relaunch the CONAN franchise and it's looking like their might be zombies involved. OK not zombies like NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD but Rob Zombie. Bloody-Disgusting is reporting that Rob Zombie has been having "meetings" with Lionsgate about directing the franchise. Of course they're taking "meetings" with lots of directors about the project but word of Zombie's involvement just happened to leak out. And how did that happen?? If I were a more jaded and cynical person I'd think that Zombie himself leaked the news in hopes positive fan response would give him an edge for the gig. However the news got out, Zombie would be an inspired choice. He could certainly shut up some of his critics who complain about his "white trash fetish" and it certainly would be unexpected to see Zombie leave horror behind to attack a straight-up action flick. But what would it mean to his two-picture deal with Dimension and the rumored TYRANNOSAURUS REX movie? This is still in the very early stages so expect more news at it develops. For now, thoughts?

Extra Tidbit: Just had a brainstorm...how about a movie where RAMBO takes on zombies??



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