Connelly is Born

Check out the pedigree for this upcoming movie BORN: Jennifer Connelly, Guillermo Del Toro, Clive Barker and killer claymation. Yup, you read that correctly. Connelly and real-life husband Paul Bettany have signed on to star in BORN, a psychological thriller that follows an artist whose claymation creatures come to life and terrorize his family. Del Toro and Barker are producing the film with Daniel Simpson making his feature directorial debut. The Chiodo brothers, of KILLER KLOWNS fame, will produce the claymation sequences for the film. (Boy, if you told me Jennifer Connelly would be teaming up with the KILLER KLOWNS directors, I'd have you shipped off to Nurse Ratched for some electroshock therapy.) Adult-themed live-action/animation combos haven't had much success since ROGER RABBIT (MONKEYBONE?...) and films with great talent don't always make a great film (NACHO LIBRE?...). Filming is expected to begin this August in London. Connelly can be seen later this year in RESERVATION ROAD with her hubby Bettany starring in the fantasy tale INKHEART with Brendan Fraser.

Extra Tidbit: Jennifer Connelly - biggest MILF in Hollywood?
Source: Variety



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