Cool Holiday Gifts 2016: Collectibles and Toys

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Each Christmas year we get further away from the days of old, opening up Christmas presents that contain power tools, socks, ties, and other things that remind us that childhood is over. However, it doesn't have to be so "grown up" as the inner geek can shine no matter your age with a plethora of great gifts that can take you back to the days when presents were fun, exciting, and chock full of cool, useless goods that filled your heart with glee. That's right, I'm talking toys, action figures, statues, costumes, and everything in between. All the stuff you said you'd buy when you had a job and disposable income. If ever there was a time to capitalize on it, it's the Christmas season. So, take a gander at some of the goods below and treat yo self (or others) to some geeky goodness this Holiday Season!

*Additional note: Don't get sticker shocked with the Sideshow/Hot Toys stuff. They have some of the highest quality nerd figures out there and they offer all variables of payment plans if you can't buy anything outright. Just a healthy tip for those on a tighter budget that still want the good shit.

DISCLAIMER: These prices can be fickle, so there's no telling if and when a money-saving opportunity might end or if the price may change. So if you want something - snap that shit up quick! Don't wait, only to have Festivus roll around and discover you've nothing to give or the price suddenly changed and you no longer have the bread. And remember that if you want to support JoBlo.com, please use our links below for your purchases. We thank you in advance!

Batman TAS Batwing ($172.18) - Fans of the original Batman: The Animated Series will know why this is so cool. For one, it's the best animated bat series of all time and for two, the overall design from the characters to the vehicles feels like the perfect blend of the Burton films and the comics, from the Batmobile to this sweet aeronautical masterpiece-The Batwing! Sleek, sharp, stealthy, and ready to take on all of Gotham's baddies, Batman's go-to jet is not only massive, but also features a light-up cockpit! The Batman: TAS toy line from DC Collectibles never ceases to impress and this is definitely up there with the best of them.

DC Collectibles Harley Quinn Statue ($248.95) - Love it or hate it, SUICIDE SQUAD made a killing at the box office this year and a big part of that was none other than Harley Quinn (as played by Margot Robbie). From the updated look, complete with tattoos and a more street-level vibe, Robbie's version of Harley Quinn retained the look and feel of the comics/animated version, as well as the attitude, but was quite a bit rougher (and sexier) around the edges. The dangerous beauty is now captured in DC Collectibles statue line and is the stand out from the pack (although, you can still get the rest of the squad if so inclined).

Batman V Superman DC Films BATMAN & SUPERMAN Action Figures ($54.99 each) - One of the most polarizing movies of the year, BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE was almost a metaphor for the 2016 U.S. election in how divided folks fell on it. Regardless, though, the introduction of Ben Affleck's Batman and continuation of Henry Cavill's Superman (as well as the intro of Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman) invigorated much of the fanbase and created some iconic (and, yes, dark) iterations of these classic heroes, who will all return next year for JUSTICE LEAGUE. DC Collectibles now has these exclusive high-end figures ready to square off on your shelves, heavily detailed and articulated to keep the fight going throughout the storm. Or, until they go back in the box.

Hot Toys Rey & BB8 ($289.99) - While we gear up to see the latest Star Wars adventure, ROGUE ONE, there's still the matter of the ongoing new trilogy that began with THE FORCE AWAKENS, which introduced us to two all-new and now fan-favorite characters: Rey and BB8. Rey, the mysterious force-wielder from Jakku, and BB8, the rolling droid of Poe Dameron, are presented here in magnificent detail from Hot Toys 1/6th scale line and they are a hell of a dynamic pair. Rey comes with all her Jakku goods, from clothing, staff, googles, and more, as well as a familiar blue lightsaber she acquires by the film's end. BB8 comes with some pop-out attachments and a light-up head. Stunning detail for two great new characters that are sure to live on in a galaxy far, far away for a long time.

Oh, and look for our Unboxing Video of Rey and BB8 coming next week, where we'll be offering you, the readers/viewers, a chance to win this set for yourself!

Sideshow Collectibles Deadpool 1/6th Scale Figure ($229.99) - Ironically, we featured this exact DEADPOOL in last years gift guide, but he's so damn cool that we couldn't resist putting him on again. Seeing as some of these figures take a while to come out after they're announced, sometimes they need a second chance. After an absolutely amazing debut at the box office this year, DEADPOOL is now a household name and high on the popularity list for fans and newcomers alike. This Sideshow exclusive 1/6th scale figure is every bit as crazy cool as you'd expect, complete with an assortment of guns, pouches (natch!), grenades, swords, and even word balloons. If you want to get an even closer look at this Merc With A Mouth, check out our Unboxing episode to see the full chimichanga!

Black Cat Polystone Statue - J. Scott Campbell Collection ($279.99) - Fans of artist extraordinairre J. Scott Campbell will be familiar with his Spider-Man line of comiquette statues, from Mary Jane, Gwen Stacy, Spider-Man himself, and now Black Cat. Molded from Scott's illustrations of the Webhead and his ladies, these are great displays of the artist's work, as well as the characters. Scott's signature style is at the forefront with these statues and they're ripe for display alongside his work or anywhere that you want to display awesome nerdy stuff.

Hot Toys Stan Lee 1/6th Scale Figure ($199.99) The Generalissimo is here! Stan "The Man" Lee, creator of just about every iconic Marvel character that's stood the test of time (and now graces every MCU film in theaters) now gets his very own high-end collectible treatment with a Hot Toys 1/6th scale figure, complete with all the iconic trimmings that go with the legendary creator, writer, artist, and cameo-actor. One of the most influential (if not THE most influential) names in the comics biz is ready for his close up in your collection.

McFarlane Toys Game of Thrones Iron Throne Room Construction Set ($18.60) - Raise your hand if you miss Joffrey! Okay, I see that I'm not alone here. Although we were all happy to see that little brat get his comeuppance, he's still a staple in the Game of Thrones mythology and one of the most fun-to-hate characters of all time. And, even though he's now gone, the Iron Throne still stands, so you can always kick him out if you want. McFarlane Toys has crafted these really great little construction sets (think McFarlane's version of LEGO) and The Iron Throne is the best of the batch. Intricately detailed and perfectly sized to display without clearing out an entire shelf, this iconic setting is perfect for all GOT fans. You can also get a whole assortment of minifigures from the line. I am THE KING!

Funko Game of Thrones The Wall Playset ($29.99) - If the Iron Throne isn't really your thing and you prefer the cold solitude of The Wall, then Funko has you covered. Join Lord Tyrion in this miniature playset for the icy sheet that barricades Westeros from the Wildlings and the Wights. Reminiscent of the old Kenner playsets, this series also features a line of figures that includes Jon Snow, Ygritte, Rattleshirt, Ghost, Samwell Tarly, tormund Giantsbane and The Night King.

The LEGO Batman Movie Batcave Break-In Set ($99.00) - THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE is set to swing into theaters early next year, but the onslaught of LEGO sets are already hitting shelves and, like most things LEGO, they're pretty damn cool. Whether you're a fan of the LEGO movies, Batman, or just LEGO in general, these sets are pretty great and the creme de la creme appears to be the Batcave Break-in set, which includes the Batcave, four Batsuits, Penguin, Alfred, actual penguins (well actual LEGO penguins), a Batboat, a duckboat (duh), and the usual gadgetry you come to expect. Also, be on the lookout for the minifigure line for THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE, which has some of the coolest and craziest minifigs yet. Darkness!

Cozmo ($199.99 MSRP) - It wouldn't be the Holiday Season without one or two "must have" gifts and this year sitting at the top of the charts is this little (and I do mean little) AI robot named Cozmo, who not only stacks boxes and makes cute BB8 sounds, but is also reactive to its environment, including you. He can play games with you, investigate his world, and take on various personality traits the more you use and interact with him. Not exactly Westworld-level robotics, but hey, it all starts somewhere, right? These things are flying off the shelf and you may pay a hefty penny for now (until, like, the DAY after Christmas), so keep your eyes peeled for restocked shelves before you head to Ebay and spend your whole X-mas budget.

NES Classic Mini ($59.99 MSRP) - The other "must have" gift of the Holiday season, this one seemed to come out of nowhere and now everyone is in a tizzy to have it under their tree. The NES classic mini is a reproduction of the old Nintendo system, complete with a host of preinstalled classic games, including Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Punch Out, Final Fantasy, Galaga, Metroid, Pac-Man, and many more! Good luck finding this sucker just sitting on a shelf, though. You're either getting up early to do battle "Black Friday style" or you're emptying the bank account on Ebay. Depending on how bad you need/want it, though, I'm sure you can track one down. Shit, I remember people punching each other out for Cabbage Patch Kids. The war for toys is real.

Marvel Legends Captain America 75th Anniversary Metal Shield ($71.98) - Stand tall and say, "No, YOU move" with this replica of Captain America's iconic (yes, I know I keep using that word, but this is iconic shit, man) shield, complete with inside straps and made of metal (sorry, they were out of Vibranium since, well, it doesn't exist) and rocking the colors of Cap. Use it for display, cosplay, or battling other superheroes on your block when they decide to sign the Accords. It's all (wait for it) in. your. hands. Also, don't expect this thing to disobey the laws of physics. You throw it, it ain't comin' back.

Funko Pop! The Walking Dead - Negan ($23.99) - You can blink. You can scream. You can buy this Funko Pop! figure of the boasting, violent, and downright love-to-hate villain of The Walking Dead, Negan, complete with his lovely "lady" Lucille ready to bash some skulls and tell bad jokes.

Krampus Bell - Prop Replica ($11.99) - Well, if you've seen the movie from director Michael Dougherty then you know that if you open this up for Christmas there's a good chance you're already screwed. This sweet little prop from the film's actual SFX creators, Weta Workshop, is sure to tickle the fancy of fans of the film or strike fear into the hearts of those who took it literal.

 The Punisher Deluxe Figure - Mezco Toys One-12 Collective ($129.99) - If you've never owned a Mezco One-12 figure, there's no better time to start than with ol' Frank Castle himself, aka The Punisher. These insanely detailed figures are so quaint they're almost adorable. Tons of accessories and real clothing make these a cut above the rest when dealing with the smaller scale collectible figures. Deal out some punishment to your shelves and make room for this bad boy.

NECA National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Santa Clark 8" Clothed Retro Action Figure ($29.99) - It's just not Christmas until you've watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and what better way to show your affinity for the film as a nerdcore collector than to own a figure of the hap-hap-happiest Christmas Dad of all, Clark W. Griswold. Complete with Santa outfit, moose glassware, and model swimming pool (man, I hope he gets that bonus check), Clark is ready to keep Christmas alive in your house, even if it kills ya.

NECA Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure 8" Clothed Figures - 2 Pack ($49.93) - I am Bill S. Preston Esquire! And I am Ted Theodore Logan! Together we are...Wyld Stallyns! Ah, the classic 80's flick Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure; a staple to all of us (as well as the Bogus sequel) that starred Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter as two wayward wannabe rockers who would eventually save the planet with their rock n' roll. Now you can proudly display these heroes, courtesy of NECA, along with their time-traveling phone booth (wait, what's a phone booth?).

DC Collectibles Batman The Animated Series Christmas Action Figure with The Joker ($27.50) - Christmas just isn't the same without laughter and we've got the right man to keep the laughs coming...The Joker! Based on the Batman: TAS series, this festive figure is ready to celebrate the holidays with good cheer, ultraviolence, and perhaps a crime spree or two. Fortunately, he's just a plastic figure, so none of that's happening for real, but fans of the show and/or the character will likely still find joy in owning this devilish bastard.


Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars Micro Figures by Gentle Giant - set of 5 ($18.99) - You may not be able to afford the original Secret Wars figures in their original packaging, but Gentle Giant has these sweet little micro figures to help you reminisce and own a little (and we mean little) slice of nostalgia. Perfectly sized to fit in just about any stocking, these are a welcome gem for your favorite fanboy/girl. *note: US readers, these are readily available at Walgreens.

DC Super Powers Micro Figures Wave 1 - set of 4 ($24.99) - Marvel didn't get all the love in the Micro Figure market, as Gentle Giant has also recreated the Super Powers line in micro size, yet another perfect addition for the ol' stocking suffer. *note again: these cool little guys are ALSO available at Walgreens in the U.S.

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