Cool Pics From Around the Web: D23, George A. Romero & Comic-Con pt. 1

We live in an age of sharing, where every moment is captured and sent into the world for liking, commenting, judging and making us feel like we have more friends than we do. As a result, the world seems so much smaller than it is, and one revolution to come out of the social media age is that we can connect with some of our icons and heroes with the click of a button, getting a glimpse into the elusive world of the show business. Here with the feature Cool Pics From Around the Web we will assemble some of the coolest, funniest, and possibly revealing photographs of the week from some of the world’s biggest stars. Don’t worry, no food pics in sight...unless someone made a dope cake in the shape of R2-D2.

This was a busy week for folks taking pictures. The big event of the week was D23, which meant Marvel was dishing out goods left and right - with Yondu himself, Michael Rooker, showing his MARY POPPINS love. Last weekend also saw the passing of horror icon George A. Romero, and plenty of stars were paying their respects. As for events, a small gathering kicked off a few days ago known as Comic-Con, and plenty of stars were there showing off a ton of fun stuff for the fans.

Thanks to everyone who came out to #BlackPanther's first #D23expo signing today!

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When SG takes a relax ☀️ *no super suit was harmed* @supergirlcw

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Me and my bro. #ragnarok #thorragnarok Don't make us angry. @chrishemsworth #spacebros

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Getting closer. #antmanandthewasp

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goodbye genius

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Here's to the great George Romero, the man who started it all! A true legend and a huge inspiration. Rest In Peace.

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This just in: @Michael_Rooker has a Mary Poppins phone case. ☂️ #GotGVol2 #ImMaryPoppinsYall

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"We're Mary Poppins, y'all!" ☂️ Fun fact: Did you know @michael_rooker has a Mary Poppins phone case?

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Spent another day with this beautiful lady. Just lost in each other's ears. #BlindAl #DriveBy

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lining up a shot today from my director's monitor

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You only go through high school once, but it changes you forever. #SpiderManHomecoming 🕷️

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San Diego bound. #SDCC2017 #Kingsman

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Here we go #defend

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Losers reunion at comicon . Jaeden was missed ! #itmovie #losersclub #comicon2017

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Have a favorite #SDCC2017 panel so far? The #Kingsman team stopped by for 20th Century Fox. #Regram 📸: @kingsmanmovie

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