Cool Videos: A Supercut of Movie Scenes in Movie Theaters

When you go to a movie theater, somewhere between the 30 minutes of preshow commercials and 20 minutes of movie trailers, you usually get what's called a "Policy Trailer". These trailers are made by the theater chain to inform the audience what to do and not do inside their theater: no smoking, no talking, turn off your cell phone, etc. Whether or not the audience actually follows these rules is another matter altogether, but these trailers are still a fun trademark of the moviegoing experience. For example, this one made by United Artists Theatres in the late 90s was a staple of my childhood going down to see a movie at the Lycoming Mall. It truly made going to the movies feel like you were stepping into another exciting world, though that world had less BLADE RUNNER-esque CGI cityscapes.

So for this new video I've cooked up for you fine people here at JoBlo.com, I've decided to recreate this era of movie theater policy trailers in order to create a video supercut of scenes from movies set inside movie theaters. You see, there's a certain pleasure in watching characters in movies actually watch movies themselves, in getting to see those expressions of joy and excitement you make in a movie theater, but never get to see yourself make. And in this supercut, you get to see several of these moments from many classic movies--AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON, FIGHT CLUB, GREMLINS, just to name a few--while also getting reminded of the various things you should and shouldn't do in a movie theater, no matter how odd those things may be. So please silence your cell phones, put out your cigarette, and sit back and enjoy RULES AND REGULATIONS: A Supercut of Movie Scenes in Movie Theaters!

Extra Tidbit: Not really much else to say about this video, but honestly, if you haven't seen Joe Dante's MATINEE, please fix that mistake as soon as possible. It's one of my favorite movies about movies ever, and far too underrated.
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