Cool Videos: Arnold Schwarzenegger goes undercover at the gym to pump you up

If you've ever seen the documentary PUMPING IRON, then you know that Arnold Schwarzenegger has a gift when it comes to training. His motivational dialogue that accompanies his workouts is kind of legendary (and highly quotable), so when the famed actor/governor/weight lifter went undercover as "Howard" at Gold's Gym in Venice Beach, the patrons there were more than a little surprised and baffled by his appearance. Looking like an Austrian "Machete," Arnold drops some of his weight training tips on customers busy getting their swell on, which is uncomfortably hilarious. The video was made in order to help promote Arnold's After-School All-Stars program and a contest to win a day "living like Arnold" (details here). Arnold has always had a goofy, playful side and this shows that he's still got a sense of humor, even when he's not getting ready to dispense bad guys in a variety of colorful ways.

This is not a baby gym!:

Arnold will next be seen in David Ayer's SABOTAGE on April 11, 2014 and THE EXPENDABLES 3 on August 15, 2014.



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