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People make movies that reference other movies all of the time - hell, it's what Quentin Tarantino has done for most of his career. But what makes a movie more than referential is the style present in the storytelling, as well as the energy and enthusiasm to take those references and craft them into something more. Something that is celebratory but still retains its own identity.  And a pair of French filmmakers named Daniel Brunet and Nicolas Douste have done just that with their movie BAD TOYS II. It's only about five minutes long and very (very) well worth your time.

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As for what it's about, I'm going to quote the loyal reader from overseas who passed this little gem along to us as he'll say it much better than I could: "It's part animation, part... something else. An hommage to our childhoods... and to Michael Bay.  It's an ode to letting your imagination run wild while playing with toy cars." And that's about all you need to know in advance, so go ahead and click below to experience the gleeful celebration of all that movies can do and be for Schmoes like us.

Extra Tidbit: Confession: I've never seen Bad Boys II. I've seen an awful lot of movies, but there are certain culture-classic movies like that which I have thus far missed out on...
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