Cool Videos: Batman: Return to Arkham PS3 & PS4 comparison video

Praise be unto Jesus and all the fish monsters in the sky! The delayed re-releases of the Batman games, ARKHAM ASYLUM and ARKHAM CITY, have finally been given a release date of October 21 (via IGN) after being indefinitely pushed back from its original July 26 date about two months ago. And as icing on the cake, a sweet side-by-side comparison video has come out showing all the progress that was made converting the originals that used the Unreal 3 engine to these newer versions with the Unreal 4 engine. The comparison is of the PS3 to PS4 version, but the edition for the Xbox One will probably look very similar. Most notable are streets and buildings, which looked one dimensional in the original versions are now given depth and character with added rain and deeper colors. As well, there's much more detail to, well, everything. Check it out below, and get ready to return to Arkham on October 21.

Source: IGN



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