Cool Videos: Check out this awesomely violent VFX reel for Only God Forgives

Nicolas Winding Refn gained a lot of fans after releasing DRIVE, but his follow-up with Ryan Gosling, ONLY GOD FORGIVES, failed to reach the same level of acclaim. Despite a phenomenal performance from Kristin Scott Thomas, ONLY GOD FORGIVES never gained the popularity of that previous film.

Those who did watch ONLY GOD FORGIVES were greeted by excessive amounts of violence through the movie which we now get to see broken down in this stunningly cool video courtesy of effects supervisor Martin Madsen. Madsen shared the detailed video on Vimeo, breaking down not just the bloody sight of limbs being chopped off but also shows us minor clean up and fixes that remove dolly tracks, A/C units, and other clean-up for a cleaner image. It never ceases to amaze me how much goes into the finished product of a major motion picture and it is cool videos like this that put it all in perspective.

Source: Vimeo



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