Cool Videos: Doctor Strange is available for kids parties & bar mitzvahs

We’ve seen action clips, trippy clips, and trippy action clips from DOCTOR STRANGE, but one thing we haven’t seen are really funny clips. Much like Tony Stark, Stephen Strange has a charming arrogance to him that brings a lot of humor to the character. Though we have seen slight glimpses of that here and there in clips and trailers, we haven’t really gotten full blast of it. That being said, if a sketch on Jimmy Kimmel Live is what I have to watch to get that dose of Strange, so be it. The sketch involves Strange being hired by Kimmel to work a kids birthday party, which the good doctor is not prepared for. Okay, it’s about as good as it sounds, but still, we get a really good glimpse of Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) not as the hero in the trailers, but as the sort-of-asshole. Take a look for yourself, and hopefully he will get better material when he hosts Saturday Night Live this weekend!



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