Cool Videos: Eddie Redmayne stars in heartfelt PSA on behalf of Hufflepuffs

What Hogwarts house am I? It’s a question that has plagued mankind for generations, but can now be answered with a few simple questions on a BuzzFeed quiz. But everybody already knows the house they want to belong to, and that’s the house of heroes—Gryffindor. But the one it seems no one wants to belong to is the often disregarded Hufflepuff. Even the name sounds goofy. Saying you’re a Hufflepuff is like saying you belong to a creepy children’s rock group from Austria. However, there are some proud Hufflepuffs out there, and one of them, Eddie Redmayne, is using his celebrity to bring attention to the nobleness of the house. He tries to inform us about the fine qualities Hufflepuffs possess, reminding us of some of the fine people who belong to the group. Will you hear his message, and let Hufflepuff into your heart? If you do Redmayne will give you free tickets to FANTASTIC BEASTS which is out this Friday. Just saying.

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