Cool Videos: Epic Australian Star Wars fan film features boomerang light sabers!

If there's one thing I never anticipated seeing in the STAR WARS universe it's light saber boomerangs. And now that I have, I must say they're pretty damn cool. In STAR WARS DOWNUNDER, a new fan film that is 10 years in the making, the beloved STAR WARS universe is explored with an Australian touch (and bit of humor). The film was shot on 35mm and features motion capture CGI and pretty decent VFX for this type of fare. More than anything, it's got some really cool original concepts and designs, which I'd be happy to in J.J. Abrams next venture. It's obvious that the filmmakers put a lot of passion and love into this and it's a breezy 30 minutes.

May the force be with ya, mate:

Here's the synopsis:

The film tells the story of a lone Jedi: Merve Bushwacker (David Nicoll), returning home after a long absence. His mission? To partake in a refreshing beverage, known locally as amber fluid. On his arrival, he is dismayed to discover the planet has become as dry as a dead dingo′s donger, thanks to the tyrannical rule of Darth Drongo. Drongo has hoarded all the amber fluid in his impenetrable fortress “Dunny’s Deep” for reasons unknown. Can Merve, and a motley collection of unlikely allies band together to topple Drongo’s evil regime? Will liberty and amber fluid flow freely once more?

Maybe these guys should've made the prequels, eh? For more info on the making of the film, check out thier very cool and informative website that walks you through every aspect of production. Well done, blokes!



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