Cool Videos: Every depressing Matthew McConaughey comment in True Detective

If you aren't watching TRUE DETECTIVE, you really should be. There are few shows as brilliantly complex. I have heard some complain that each season is self-contained, but that will ensure the mystery doesn't drag on too long and leaves the door open for the actors to return in future seasons in totally different roles. TRUE DETECTIVE is the classy version of AMERICAN HORROR STORY.

For those uninitiated to the series, Matthew McConaughey plays Rust Cohle, a detective partnered with Woody Harrelson. They are investigating a brutal and bizarre series of murders. The show follows them through flashbacks as they relate their stories to investigators in the current timeframe. To give any other information would be a disservice, so go check it out.

One thing you must know is that McConaughey's character is kind of a downer. Through each episode, he tends to wax poetic about the futility of being alive to which Harrelson consistently gives him dirty looks. The good folks at Vulture have compiled all of the philosophical comments from Rust Cohle into this supercut. Not very spoilery, but definitely a cool compilation.

TRUE DETECTIVE airs Sundays on HBO.

Source: Vulture



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