Cool Videos: Fan goes to Hawaii, films his own Lost ending

Disappointed with the way "Lost" ended? Well, you're not the only one. But unlike you (you lazy bastard), Corey Vidal did something about it. The Canadian filmmaker took his camera and some friends to the spots on Hawaii where they filmed "Lost" (and where many of the sets still stand) to work on his own ending.

Like the "Lost" finale itself, what Vidal came up with, "The Man Who Brought Us Here," is flawed. But while there are narrative issues and some questionable acting skills on display, what is notable is how Vidal took fan-fiction to a new level. Writing new stories based on existing TV or movie material is nothing new but Vidal and his crew took it to a new level. They created a short film that very much feels like something from the "Lost" universe. As a fan, it's hard to not see those sets and hear that music and not have that illicit a certain positive dramatic response.

In leaving the sets up (for how much longer remains to be seen), it's almost as if creators Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have left fans a software developer kit to create their own spinoffs of the "Lost" universe. Vidal's might not be great but what it is, is a great start. It's a fantastic idea that will surely spawn even more creative work. "Lost" may be officially done but as long as the sets still stand, you have the power to rewrite your own ending (or beginning).

Source: YouTube



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