Cool Videos: Fan-made live action Calvin and Hobbes movie trailer looks surprisingly great

Aside from becoming the most overused and obnoxious window sticker in the history of window sticker's, the characters of Calvin and Hobbes, created by  Bill Watterson, are two of the most beloved comic strip characters to ever grace a newspaper.  For those who have never seen it, the strip focuses on Calvin, a young mischiveous boy who has an imaginary friend, Hobbes, who also happens to be a tiger.  Together, they imagine themselves into a multitude of adventures, which usually end with some kind of punchline or message, as most strips do.

This fan-made trailer picks up with Calvin as an adult whose imaginary manifestations have gotten out of control, forcing him to confront his demons (and T-Rex's, snoman monsters, etc.), save Hobbes, and come back to reality.  It's like taking TED, the FX show Wilfred, and the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip into a cinematic blender.  And, it works.  With a few extra bucks and some recognizable stars, this could be a really fun film. This is definitely one of the more fun fan-made trailers I've seen in a while. 


Extra Tidbit: What comic strip would you like to see in live-action form?
Source: Gritty Reboots



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